Friday, July 12, 2013

Our Civilization, c.2013

The integrated network expands

The continued expansion of the integrated network of dog poop pick-up mitt stations around the Phoenix metropolitan area continues according to the Master Plan. A society with the capacity to imagine, engineer, plan, and implement a consistent, widespread, and clearly signed system like this is capable of anything, no? Perhaps other types of consistent, widespread, clearly signed, integrated, usable, and consistent systems of things?

Values statement: politeness, proper behavior, sanitation, respect for laws

A concern with what is polite, proper, (and sanitary), but also the law, would serve the greater good in other modes of our public interaction in public spaces beyond where and how our dogs take a crap, and how that crap is picked up, yes? For example, off the top of my head, in our chosen mode of travel? And in our favorite modes of athletic recreation? When we go shopping? When we go out to eat with our families, or move around downtown for First Fridays? When we commute to work? How about how and when we just chose to stare at the clouds and enjoy the day? Stay sanitary out there.


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