Monday, June 24, 2013

Something More Than This

This crane is up to something
I need something more than this. To fill the void, to complete the picture, something more than this is required. On the bicycle such thoughts sneak into my brain while I'm staring at the blue blue sky, at the crane and shadows.

It keeps positioning itself to offer striking geometric contrasts with the bridge and trees around it

Significance, meaning, depth, uniqueness.

Community, creativity, place and now. Art.

Are these even possible, now? Here? Deep meditative immersed in it real? Not sure there's much of a market for it any more. Old fashioned, worn out concepts, apparently. Beat down, washed out, deprecated, end of life in previous version. The new cloud version, LAAS (Life as a Service) for only $9.95 extra per month, bundled with the unlimited voice data and text plan. Free stuff extra if you order now. And a chance for a guest appearance on every reality show ever made.

And sunshine, and shadows, and statues
Not laughing at nothings. Not happy for moneythings. Running, riding, jumping into an ocean of thoughts and seeing.

That point. That age. Looking around and wondering. Asking questions which, looking back, seemed like they carried an expectation of answering long long ago, but which hang around, reasserting themselves at quiet moments in the sunshine.

And free trolleys
Something more than this. Meaning, and if not eternal, at least true. Well I won't go quietly. Something more than this would be something more than this. I hope I see that. I hope I'm open to that. Not too far gone yet. Able, perhaps dimly, but able, to see. To notice. To hear those words that when spoken, mean that. Something more. Looking.

Don't want LAAS. Just want L. All of it.



  1. Sweet. I liked that. Keeping my eyes open, man. Thanks for the reminder

    captcha: [ticklyn evidence]

    1. Thanks RANTWICK. Nice captcha. May a free trolley pass through your life at least once per day.

  2. Replies
    1. Me 2 m e l i g r o s a, the contrasting lines and curves stopped me in my tracks.


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