Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy the Day

I'm taking some time off from blogging to work on other projects. I'm excited about them, but since I find that I have just a little too much fun blogging to set aside enough time for them, it's on pause for now. So, off I go, on yet another journey of sorts. Happy the day when we begin new journeys. Or retrace previous ones, for that matter. I believe I'll be back here eventually. Thank you for reading, and ride happy on your own journeys.



  1. Don't do that "Never come back" thing some other bloggers do.

    1. I second that ↑

      well, and I'll maybe catch you on twitter. I'll miss seeing your photos +seeing Phoenix through your eyes.
      but taking/having breaks from things +habits is a good thing
      best of luck and a great journey ahead in whatever your future endeavors take you.
      best, +stay in touch

  2. Yes, do come back!!!!

  3. Hope the other projects are going well. The blog is missed.

  4. Fair enough. My blogging is getting a bit sparse of late as well. Com back when you have time...


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