Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cyclist's Weekend Out of Office Message

Hello, if you need me for something this weekend, I will be located on my bicycle somewhere in the greater Phoenix metro area, or within the surrounding desert.

My destination will be unknown, or unspecified/other.

My cell phone seems to have developed some sort of mysterious non-functionality which causes it not to ring or buzz while I am on my bike. It's weird. If you call and I don't answer, please leave a message, and I will get back to you on Monday morning, after I am done riding my bicycle all weekend long. The forecast high temperature is around 80 degress F, the skies cloudless, the breezes slight. The bike riding forecast for me is long, extensive, wide-ranging, aimless. My target goal is everywhere which is not here.

Trails which are, trails which shall one day be

If you are a member of my immediate family or a loved one, and you need to reach me this weekend, the best approach is probably to be out there riding with me. If you are a member of my immediate family and/or a loved one, and are out there riding with me, I promise to reply to your inquiry. If you are not out there riding with me, I will reply to your inquiry on Monday morning. In case of urgent need, it may be best to head out to an open part of the desert and begin shouting my name. It's not likely to reach me, given how large the desert is, and how open, but it may make you feel better momentarily, and/or forget whatever it was you wanted, and/or give you time to figure it out on your own. We're talking the whole metro area, 16,573 sq. mi. or roughly the same size as the Netherlands, so you'll be out there yelling into a lot of desert, if you take that route. It's probably better to just be out there riding with me, if you feel the need to contact me may arise. It would turn out much the same, except with less shouting.

Recreate, recreate, recreate. If I say it three times, let it be so. It was a beast of a week. Time to ride it all away. Farewell, beastly week, you are behind me now. 

I'll be out there, somewhere. Let's hope for the best, or even better, make the best, miles and miles of it.

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