Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Detour

Legally, I believe I have to head up that zig-zaggy mountain pass pronto

 At the end of a year, there's a natural impulse to look back. When I look back at the older posts on this blog, I come across many things I would write differently now, or would edit out. I try different things, and they don't always work out. Once and a while they seem to, though, so I'll give myself permission to continue to try different things and stumble once in a while in the process.

Happily, when I look back at the first post I wrote, Nov 5, 2009, it still resonates with me, and I'm content with those words. The words were triggered by a specific moment on a specific night ride. The wingbeats of that owl, the panicked racing flight of the rabbit it was chasing, the way he darted into the mesquite and stayed alive for another night, are still vivid in my memory, as if they just happened. I'm still not entirely sure why, but that moment, the rabbit darting, the owl veering so close to me that I felt like its wings were right there, the night unfolding down that specific path, was pivotal. It would be accurate, though not complete or that insightful, to say that the moment inspired me to ride my bicycle a lot more than I ever have, and in a mindful and attentive manner. And to sometimes write about it, in an attempt to capture and enjoy it, I think.

This looking back is for the purpose of preparing to try to understand, to appreciate, to embrace, what unfolds next. What is currently unfolding. After the owl veers off his pursuit, what's next? When the rabbit darts into the mesquite in successful escape, what does he make of fate's last-minute stay? For that, and to spend focused time with my family, and to read and reflect, blogging operations will be on pause for the holidays. Which I am still more less seeing in the way I mentioned recently

Patience, kindness, tolerance, understanding, compassion, those things we have far too little of, I wish, I suppose even pray, more for all of us. Go, ride, veer off into the night when the rabbit escapes, run into the mesquite if you sense the owl's talons. That's what I'm thinking about during this detour through the holidays. I'm looking forward to rejoining the main road on the other side of that mountain.


  1. I wish you a most wonderful pause. Happy riding.

    1. Currently scouring curbs for suitable wooden cabinet refinishing projects, to compete with you! I can't say I've been a big rifinisher before, but the competitive spirit is strong.

  2. I was there at the beginning!
    I'll be there at the end.
    Which is like sometime next week.
    Or something.

    1. Seven days and counting...
      if it keeps raining like this we won't make it until then though.
      Can I borrow some chain lube for rain conditions? I haven't needed any for about three years.

  3. Happy holidays to you and your family. They're fun and can be meaningful but it's always a relief to be on the other side of them.

  4. beautiful picture and great caption ;-) have a lovely holiday.

  5. I'm gladdened that your very first post still meets with approval. It is the same with me. In both cases, we also move on...


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