Saturday, December 1, 2012

Food Truck Friday Ride: The Advantages of Indecisiveness

Can't decide? GREAT!!

Friday, late morning, hungry, couldn't decide what to eat for lunch. Rooted around the kitchen, nothing. Rummaged through the refrigerator, also nada. Thought through the nearby options, nothing sounded good. Getting hungrier. Considered riding down to Food Truck Friday. Checked time. It was around 11:30, and I believed (accurately, it turned out) that FTF ends at 1:30. Couldn't decide. Getting hungrier.

Fooled around with bike and associated tools for a while. Arranged tools. Restocked my commute bag. Checked the time. Really had to get going if I was going to make it. Checked refrigerator again. Looked in cupboards in case anything had changed since the last time (it hadn't). Getting hungrier. Reviewed local options again. Nope, nothing rang up as WOW.

That did it. Checked time. Would have to ride fast. But, I figured that being in an indecisive mood meant that FTF would be PERFECT for me, since I would have so many options to choose from. 

By the time I got there, only about 15 minutes officially remained, and several trucks were indeed making closing-up motions. I made a really hungry beeline for BURGERS AMORE! and without hesitation got a bacon cheeseburger with curly fries. The burger was great, the fixings bar terrific with dark green lettuce, fresh tomatoes and red onions, and plenty of jalapenos, too. Did not love the curly fries, not actually sure why I went with them anyway, they're not something I normally order, but they sounded good after the ten mile bike ride to the FTF. There were even some better-sounding choices like truffle fries or those old standbys, cheese fries. Surely must have been the hunger talking. Next visit I will go with something non-curly.

Micro chocolate-based burger facsimile for desert! Cute idea, too minty for my taste, being a dark chocolate man.

There was still a crowd eating when I got there, but the trucks truly were closing up shop as I ate my bacon cheeseburger. Oh, and it had this thick-cut roundish burger designer bacon on it or something similar, I'm not really sure because it disappeared so fast.

The streets in Phoenix between Oak and Fillmore seem to be getting pretty bad, very cracked up and bumpy for long stretches. The drivers, on the other hand, were great. No honks, no cut-offs, no noticeable impatience, everyone saw my hand signals and it all worked fine, even on a busy Friday lunch time ride. I saw a significant number of other cyclists out and about, particularly in the area of the market. 

It just happened that I got to several lights as they turned red, so I got to test out the triggering sensors, and they all seemed to detect my bicycle at least as well as the ones I hit every day on my commute, which is good. I also noticed that several of the bike lanes inside right turn lanes had special bike-specific detection wires installed, which is awesome. They are obvious when you know what they are, but I was thinking that some cyclists may not recognize them, and would be helped with some pavement marking and signage to show you where to put your wheels:


So many choices...

Sentrock mural at Phoenix Public Market. No more coffee, food and/or wine at this time, though.

Should I head down to FTF again next Friday, and try the truffle fries? Or how about the Filipino food truck instead? I can't decide.


  1. My mouth waters just thinking about the choices...Yum....

    1. Food truck choice is our right as Americans, Marsha!

  2. whatta burger, y that awesome mural :))) NICE!

    1. meli, so many to choose from, too--veggie choices also, and right next to a vegan truck, cajun, the only thing I missed was a vendor of Superior Coffee Products...

  3. I don't think I've seen those bike detectors. What street are they on?

    1. 3rd Ave and Roosevelt northbound, at the intersection, is one example. Some pavement markings there might help.

    2. These appear to be the diagonal quadrupole type, which are excellent for detecting bicycles. See bicycle signal detection presentation for an overview of how to trigger them--you don't have to be in a great chunk of something magnetic, either, the inductance of your aluminum rims is all you need, but for some types of detectors, rim position is critical. (edited and corrected spelling, "quadrupole", really??)


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