Sunday, December 30, 2012

Because This Time of Year Pleases Me Not

I title this work, "Because It's Cold and Rainy, and This Time of Year Pleases Me Not"

The above is an image of limom's new printer, printed out on his new printer, photographed and posted on his blog, printed out on my new printer, photographed, and posted on my blog. That's what it is. But what does it signify, what does it represent? Is it just and only that it's cold and rainy and I am feeling non-motivated to go for a ride? Or something in addition, a reference to his photography via his blog via my photography via my blog? Not sure, still not ready to go for a cold wet night ride yet, so print that one, pose it on printer, photograph it, post it on blog:

I title this work, "Self-portrait with non-riding blogger No.7"

Ready to ride yet? No, so, photograph this blog post, add that photo to this blog post:

I title this work, "Photos of Posts Not Yet Posted Related to Photos Related to Not Riding No. 9"

With that, I imagine it's time to go for a quick night ride, before I go and print that one, photograph it, FedEx it to limom, and ask him to make a ceramic pot out of it.


"Unbroken (No. 12), for Emma (inkjet printer photograph with cold wet bicyclist symbol)"

Not rain, or cold, or genes, or demons, or time of year, or indifferent universe, or health, or fate, or traffic, or misfortune broke me, and tonight I rode.

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  1. And today is a sunny day again. Happy New Year, JRA!


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