Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 was a Good Year for Bicycle Commuting

Finishing off the year with twine and shellac. Next bars, I will use hemp twine rather than sisal.

I sold my car at the beginning of this year, and never looked back. In 2012, the total number of times I commuted to work by car was zero. This spanned another Phoenix summer, some serious haboob dust storms and monsoons, and the like, but in practice, it was all feasible and enjoyable. I believe that makes it at least two full years since I drove a car to work. 
Through chatting cell phone drivers and breakdowns, I Just Ride

My interior cycling obsessions continue their tectonic shift toward the Grant Petersen Rivendell Jan Heine Bicycle Quarterly Velo Orange Lovely Bicycle Harris Cyclery corners of the bicycle world, perhaps pushed over the border line by my visit to the Bisbee Bicycle Brothel. On the other hand, I probably did not get in enough art rides in 2012, or enough rides in general--can one ever have enough of either, is a valid, and for me unanswered, question.

Looking ahead to more excellent canal paths with great public art

Although I enjoy the ineffable or semi-effable effects of cycling, I find it to be an inexpensive and effective means of transportation, particularly as we all try to figure out what personal adjustments we need to make to thrive in the new-normal economy of constant sky-high oil prices, neverending wars, job insecurity, wild market and price swings, and shifting sands of social and financial support systems. 

Between the first Canal Convergence ride, and the incredible fortune of hearing both Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and Grant Petersen speak at length about bicycles at Pedal Craft Vol. 2 (which had an amazing turn-out), I witnessed an increasing enthusiasm and participation in real-life cycling which encourages me to keep on riding, too. On the other hand, I also attended the Not One More Foundation Ride of Honor, which, in a year which included several tragic and unnecessary cycling deaths, also highlights the pressing need to redouble efforts to increase cycling safety.

That's it, I think, the year in review for me. Ride more and ride happy, are my goals for 2013. And, of course, another year of 100% bicycle commuting. Peace, bicycle people. Keep on smiling and waving in 2013.



  1. All best for the 2013!
    Ride smiling, smile riding!

  2. In the words of an Arizona blogger: "Get up, go, ride."

  3. Thank seb and Steve! I just noticed that it looks a bit like the man by the broken down truck on the passenger side is on fire. AFAIK, he was not actually on fire.

  4. Happy Bikey New Year. Ride Happy. Ride Blissful.

    I've been reading off your "Blogs I Read" list - thanks.

  5. If I live long enough to experience high-speed rail between Tucson and Phoenix, I hope there will be bike accommodations on the's been looking like some good rides up there! Thanks for the year.


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