Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Measure Twice Ride Once

Utility ride fuel
That is sliced dill pickles on a extra chunky peanut butter on a toasted baguette, and it's crazy how something so crazy sounding can taste so good. I plated that before riding to the home store to get my list of plumbing, electrical, and window parts needed to take care of a few honey-dos.

The plumbing parts worked out perfectly. The flat washers stopped the dripping. I noticed in the store that I was only getting 9 for the price of 10, that someone had cracked open the package and helped themselves to the one that they needed, but that's OK by me, and it was the only package left of the size I needed. Faucet no longer dripping, check.

The ceiling fan light switch in elder daughter's room broke. Like they always do. What a crock. The motor still goes, the fan blades will withstand a blow or two while on full speed as long as you rebalance them, but those switches always go bad. I wonder how many fans have been replaced whole for lack of functioning light switch. Anyway, I bought two, since I know another is going to break eventually, swapped it in, pulled the string, nada. Weird. Checked the bulb, and somehow it had popped in the same timeframe as the switch failed. Related? Pull on the string harder to make the bulb light? Surge when the switch failed? Will never know. New switch, new bulb, elder daughter can get back to her furious NaNoWriMo obsession, now with light.

On to the window! Or not. I thought I took down all the info I needed, even drew a little picture in case it mattered, but I didn't measure the key dimension, which meant I had to choose between two that differed only by one inch. Could not choose. Don't force me to make such a choice, please. My wife said she would have bought both and taken one back, which sounds like the prudent move, since I'll be headed back there eventually to get the right one, and by following her method, at least we would have a functioning window in the interim, and on top of that, be certain that we got the right one even if I measured wrong. Me, though, I guess I'm a perfectionist, and need to make the measurement, and need it to be right. So I measure once and ride twice. And sit eating my pickle and peanut butter sandwich. It's almost as if I made that mistake on purpose, to have to ride down there twice. Apparently, I would rather be out riding on a gorgeous November afternoon than fixing a window. Hmmm.



  1. Yeah..I would always choose to ride twice.
    Thinking about it, if you don't make any measurements at all who knows how many rides you would get...
    By the way -I love peanut butter...eat it every day. I must try it with sliced dill pickle.

  2. Two trips (and a pb sandwich) on a nice day? Sounds great!

  3. Pickles - great! PB - neutral. Bread - Dr Atkins would NOT approve!


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