Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What I Could Do Up There

Tree house among the palms along the Arizona Canal

What I could do up there:

1) Stare at clouds.

2) Write poetry.

3) Read stories to my children.

4) Read stories written by my children.

5) Work on bikes. Not so farfetched. Rope hoist, good ventilation, excellent view, quiet. Good security. Solar-powered lights and rechargeable batteries. Workbench logistics. Used rim wind chimes. Handlebar test: if you can hang from them comfortably for ten minutes while suspended 25 feet above the backyard, they should be good for a ride.

5A) Braze a bike frame. See (5)

6) Plan a cross-country bicycle tour on my self-brazed bicycle, stopping in for coffee with blog acquaintances.

7) Have some coffee and plan an S24O. Create a secret map code for the S24O which only I can decipher.

8) Hide a secret stash of fine dark chocolate.

9) Have an unlibrary of unread books, and un-unread them, one by one.

10) Create a watercolor journal of items 1-9.


  1. Thanks dude. Now I feel even more trapped at work. Damn you.

    1. Untrap yourself RANTWICK! It's tree house time, baby.

  2. Replies
    1. School is good! Tree house is good for doing homework, too.

  3. Those palms are looking a little dry. Pray for RAIN!

  4. It took FOUR tries to prove I'm not a robot - plus however many more this second comment takes.

    1. Steve the tree house secret code is a CAPTCHA, too. Good luck.

  5. Some lucky kids or someone to have a refuge like that. It is dreamy.

    1. I hope it reminds someone to step away from the mobile devices, go outside, and do something.


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