Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Melted Rainbows Pelted Me Home

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Virga falls, the dry stuff, then wind, the smell of dust, then the taste of rain. A hundred degrees when the drops start to fall and I am insta-cooled, sunshine on one side, dark clouds on the other, there must be rainbows somewhere around here. I'm drenched, but this summer rain is perfect, and only since I'm hungry for dinner do I head straight home rather than ride while it's coming down. I've stopped on my bicycle to take photos, and I can tell some of the drivers think I'm slightly nuts standing out there, but also a few of them know that's I'm right, and wave at me. Just above the first rainbow, a very faint second, melting shimmering color mist. I'm soaked in rainbows. That's my commute home.

You can just make out the twin when I adjust the colors


  1. I can never find double rainbows. Looks good.

    1. Yeah but once in a while you have auroras, which we never get.

  2. Nice looking commute.
    Beautiful area you live in.


    1. Thanks Wilson. In my photos I try to bring out the local characteristics that appeal to me, generally. Most of the years I've lived in Phoenix it struck me as ugly, but eventually I realized that it's the view from a speeding automobile that's ugly, and there's plenty to please the eyes when seen from a bicycle.


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