Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I bonked my helmet on grapefruit

Mid-week local flavor contemplations

Some events on my morning commute which greatly narrow down, funnel in, focus on, specify, distinguish, my locale and choice of transport from the gazillions of generic car commutes taking place around the globe:

--I had to weave around some palm fronds that had fallen in the bike lane. These are great ten foot long whopping spiky things, to be avoided on a bike, but one common local feature,

--I had to duck under the palo verde tree which overhangs the sidewalk where I cut across the strange non-right-angle corner, and divert around the oleanders (similar to the ones in mid-photo) which are cut back constantly but grow out over the sidewalk as if it is their mission to cover it,

--I bonked my helmet on some grapefruit which hang out over the bike lane and which have grown into ripening green globes now large enough to hurt if you're not careful. I'm usually careful with these particular trees, but the branches are drooping a bit more as the fruit grow heavier, juicier, so I will have to be more careful so I don't get bonked.

Palm fronds, palo verde, oleanders, citrus bonking my helmet: they mark my commute as a cyclist in the largest city in the wettest desert on the planet. With freaking gorgeous high-90s ultra low humidity afternoons, that's where and how I commute.



  1. Nice! Heavy grapefruit... since they are overhanging the path, are they considered "public domain" grapefruit? I like grapefruit.

  2. "Public domain" or not I would be helping them harvest when the time is right.
    Supplementing my social security with stealing. I am part of the 47% I guess.

  3. RANTWICK and Oldfool, Phoenix street citrus is covered under the Creative Commons Share-alike 1.0 Non Dodo Bird Eradication scenario license. Passersby may freely munch, provided they don't park their bakfiets and pick the tree clean, and provided they do not leave peels all over the neighborhood.

  4. I weave around squashed squirrels and chipmunks. Does that count for local flavor? Pretty soon it'll be golden and red leaves...

    1. Squirrels are tricky. I grew up with the bushy-tailed brownish ones of the midwest, of which there are no native types in Phoenix. However, it would appear that somehow, someway, a few immigrant bushy-tailed brownish ones have made there way here, and show up in the strangest places. What happened, did they sneak a ride down here in U-hauls? We do have scraggly tailed gray ones up north, but they don't live around here either. Varieties of cutish ground squirrels we do have but they move so fast that I can't seem to photograph them to prove they exist, so I have doubts.


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