Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Play City, NYC

In a small park, people are invited to choose from this table....

...and add to this table, to re-imagine the city around them.


  1. What a great idea. One way for town planners to sample what is important to residents and fun as well :-)

  2. what BB said, what a wonderful idea to maintain the people that inhabit this planet interacted with such activities

  3. I think the idea that we could take delight from the sights, colors, shapes, and fabric of the city is refreshing. Several participants were extremely familiar with the surrounding neighborhood, and were trying to replicated it except brighter, more colorful, and with more sculptures, colors, and dinosaurs. Many more dinosaurs.

  4. My husband is an urban planner (now in the private sector) and I haven't seen this tool at any open houses or charrets he's been involved in yet but instead large color maps and downloaded visual simulations that citizens can mark on and leave comments. Even those generate a great deal of community input and enthusiasm for the process and drive home for the participants why community and city planning is so critical to quality of life. I'd love to participate in using this tool very much.

    1. In a small park on a busy corner, people just wandered in and began manipulating a model of the city around them. "What if?" was the operative question, with adults and kids together sifting through the pile of colored shapes and pieces of toys to find the components they imagined to construct a part of the city they imagined. I was struck by the way that almost everyone was relating it to the real city around them, too.


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