Friday, August 10, 2012

Park It Here, Bicycle People

Bike racks seen along the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail line, New Jersey


  1. It says a lot about the mentality when they feel they have to spend even more taxpayer money on the lettering...

    1. Yes, although I'm pretty sure that the bike rack paint line item on the overall light rail budget would look like a flyspeck on a dust mote on a rounding error.

    2. Anyone who reads this blog recognizes a bike corral when they see one but we'd all be on the look-out for them. A new or infrequent rider might very likely benefit from the lettering and instead lock up to a bench or a stair railing - I know I would have four years ago.

    3. Agreed. With so many signs related to car parking (doesn't every lot have multiple signs PUBLIC PARKING etc?), a little equal time for bicycles is very welcome. Particularly when riding around a new area, bike racks don't always stand out, but these do.


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