Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sometimes Riding in the Desert Feels Like This

Hot and dry, dusty and dessicated. Two or three months without any rain at all. Heat in the hundreds for weeks on end.

Then, as if by miracle, the clouds roll in, the temperature plunges, and a soft warm rain falls all day long. The family and I grabbed some foodstuffs for a rain picnic, jumped on our bikes and went for a long easy ride in the warm rain. We didn't wear anything except t-shirts because the rain felt glorious and warm. 

Kids laughing in the warm rain on a bicycle, racing me to the next puddle to splash through. Sometimes riding in the desert also feels like that.



  1. I had a commute in the rain last week and spent most of it grinning like my inner seven year old.

    I wouldn't want it every day though...

  2. Gosh! That reminds me of a time where as a family we all got caught in a warm thunder and lightening storm. I was a bit freaked and tried not to show it. I also know instances of getting struck by lightening are extremely rare, so we rode in it anyway and our kids absolutely loved it, leading the way. We were wet down to our underwear...


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