Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Yellow Bike Riding in Sunshine

Almost always makes me smile

While there were several eye-catching objects in my line of sight, the one that seemed brightest and most at home in the sunshine looked like this. We rode together in and out of the light, through the shadows and down the streets. It's very quiet, this old bike, still tightened down and fitted to itself well enough that it rather floats along when following one of the thicker paint lines. These 700x28 tires at 100psi seem a little harsh for it though, although fast smooth and quiet. The frame and fork will admit significantly larger tire, perhaps I will tire up, and air down, a bit, to soft up that ride a skosh. Nothing too sudden, though, got to give these a chance, see if I settle into them. Sunny day rides like this one have a way of changing my mind.


  1. Looks a pretty good view to me...


  2. Did the bike originally use 27" tires?

    1. Yes! On steel rims. Five cogs on the back.


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