Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sweep the Sky

Sky brooms

It's summer, so there are fires in Arizona. According to the air quality boffins, the current haze and smokey smell in Phoenix is due to the POCO fire in Gila County. Desert fires burning up mesquite, dry brush, and creosote tend to create acrid smoke that can still be smelled by a bicycle commuter even hundreds of miles away. Just another way that one person's actions, dropping a lit cigarette, failing to put out a campfire, or any of the other dozens of ways these fires get started, can affect other people both near and far. I'm not sure that these neatly coiffed palm trees can actually sweep the sky. But they sort of look like they could.


  1. Oh yeah ... *hack* ... *coff*

    Had to take the car today, but I got on the bike for a Tour de Starbucks ... *choke* ... *gag*

    Couldn't figure out why I felt like I was suffering an allergy attack until ... aaaaaCHOOO! ... the sun came up behind me as I was headed back home and the whole sky lit up in a ruddy, brownish, grayish tone.

    1. I welcome the wind to blow it all away.

  2. Very cool photo!

  3. And everytime I see the men shimmy down the trees after trimming them like this, I always wonder if they have gone too far. But the palms seem to benefit from the trim eventually, growing out new leaves and eventually reassuming the more familiar fanned out umbrella shape.


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