Sunday, June 24, 2012

Leather U-lock Rack Mount

New use for old belts!

Thanks to inspiration from the Velo Orange blog*.  I implemented this quick and easy mount for holding my mini u-lock on my rack. A little cutting on the leather, plus a short length of Velcro One Wrap to limit rattles, and it's done.

This initial version uses cable ties. Oh cable tie, is there nothing you can't do? In looking at it, though, v.2 may involve usage of the leather punch. Pipe clamps also came to mind. Are black pipe clamps available?

Why go this way? Because the supplied mount rattles, and I can't have that. Also, the position I had it mounted never seemed quite right anyway.

Still: I think there should be a way to mount the lock a bit lower so that it would not impede a trunk bag so much. I did eyeball a few different positions, but this initial configuration seemed most secure. I noted that a third cable tie in the middle would appear to support lock/unlock mounting, insert the unlocked shackle through the two openings and then lock it, which might be a workable solution for a larger u-lock, too.

Trials and refinements in process. So far I prefer it in simplicity and frugality to a more involved leather pouch solution. We'll see what the road miles have to say about that, however.

*I struggle with striking the correct balance between sounding pretentious and mispronunciation when pronouncing that name. French?


  1. Mounted up high, it precludes using a pannier on that side. Surely there is a solution that doesn't have that disadvantage...

    1. Steve I think if one wanted to go dual-pannier, a top mount approach could work with this mini u-lock. I'm with you, though: it seems like there should be a better way. One which a) does not rattle and fail, and b) does not inhibit normal rack usage for other purposes. I'm thinking under rack, if there's room.

  2. I have a tubus locc rack which has a built in mount for an abus lock, which sounds great but the vibration from the rack onto the lock makes it incredibly noisy. The real bummer is that it's the internal workings of the lock that rattle about, so I can pad it on the outside as much as I like and it still vibrates like hell. It's a conundrum as I believe d-locks are the most strong and secure for their size but their internal rattling is the only major noise on my otherwise smooth bicycle. Really effects the experience.

    BTW mine mounts inside the rack so that you can fit panniers on both sides and slides out the back.

    1. Hello discoaddict, it should be a product requirement of all bicycle accessories that they do not rattle or otherwise make sound when used under normal circumstances on the bike. I try to maintain my bikes to the point that they roll quietly over the roads, which is undone by a u-lock / d-lock in which the mechanism sounds like an empty can of spray paint bouncing around the back of a pickup on a rough country road. When I start thinking about ways to wrap my lock in soundproofing material to quiet it, it may be time to look for a new lock.

  3. My selfmade mount:


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