Friday, June 22, 2012

Found in Street: Clevis Hook

That's a beefy hook. The clevis is the u-shaped end, which accepts a chain, held by a clevis pin

I don't have an immediate use for a 3/8 clevis hook, nor can I think of one related to a bicycle. But, when I saw this one laying in the bike lane, I thought of at least two: subject for photograph, topic for blog post. I wonder how much it can hold. Grade 70: transport.

Working Load Limit? We Love Life? Weigh Less Lbs? We Like Luminum?


  1. If I found that, I'd bring it home and tell my kids it came from Captain Hook, Peter Pan's nemesis.

  2. It would make a nice wall mounted hook to hang something light in weight but heavy in meaning. Like a diploma or a baby picture.

  3. I was leaning toward paper weight, but then I noticed that none of my desks has any wind problems, since we don't seem to build structures with windows that open, or that admit fresh breezes, any more....


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