Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Unambiguous You

I just wanted you to define yourself unambiguously.
No concealing it. Just tell me. Sunny, or slow, brave or unkind, I just want to know.
Do you run away, or stand and face?
Focus on the end, spin with your arms twirling in the air to the music, 

or look back back back? That frantic, desperate recollecting, 
gather up, gather up, gather up the sand grains, the sunbeams,
push away the rumble of trucks, 
push away the rising-up of relentless tires from behind. 
Unambiguous: without subterfuge, no hiding, no wincing 

or the usual act of diving between motor cars as if brave, 
as if sure of life with a glance.
Like flying, no halfway, no compromise, unmasked, I suppose is the essential idea.
How do you see me, seeing you, seeing me, see you? 

Looking I mean, reflected back in the dark tinted glass.
Or beyond that, close your eyes,
and see the sight that you just saw, except looking through.
I don't want to make it binary, black and white, yes or no, a one or zero.
But maybe it is just that.

Maybe you just roll down your window at the stoplight and everything changes.
Maybe that's what I'm asking for, in any case, hoping you can provide. 

That type of clarity, I mean.
To know that we are more than what we are doing at this moment. 

Persistence, not giving in, ever, unrelenting to foggy fears.
A declaration, I would call it. In my mind I see you playing a guitar.
In my mind I see you singing a soulful song about fire, by a fire.
A few clear words uncloaked, sent my way, would make it all right.
I heard your song, I remember your words.
I would like to go for a ride.


  1. Value the yellow petals for soon they'll be gone.

    1. True, but for now they appear to cover everything, so I ride.


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