Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spokalectics 101

Welcome to Spokalectics 101

There is bike--twenty pounds of carbon fiber, steel, aluminum alloy, and rubber which efficiently converts human power into rolling motion, and there is not-bike--everything else. Cyclist: defined by what he is doing at the moment, not what he has done, or intends to do, thus only "cyclist" while on the bike, and potential-cyclist, the cyclist-becoming, seeking his Bildung, when not on the bike. 

Neither wheel, spoke, or shadow a standalone existent entity, but each becoming the other

Cyclist-becoming is not-bike, until he gets on the bike and begins to pedal, and joins with the machine, to become cyclist-bike oneness.  Through the conversion of human muscle power into forward motion, the connection of leg mechanical motion with pedals, cranks and chain form the power linkage between the metabolism of food and water and the overcoming of friction, while the mind connects through hands, balance, and muscular power to control the direction and speed of the machine. Senses engage, reactions to stimulii occur in sub-second time. The spinning locus of circular locomotion. 

Window of Dialectic Views Thomas Strich


  1. Don't you have to be crabby to ride a LeMond? Circular locomotion aside? Or maybe he needs more Dialectic Views...

    1. This one was grandfathered in, pre-crabby.

  2. Why don't I ever see this stuff when I'm in the Valley?

    1. Sometimes I plan my rides around public art destinations, based on online resources, for example


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