Thursday, May 3, 2012

Egret Meet Turtle

Turtle, egret. Egret, turtle.

A bicycle tends not to startle wild life. I ride up quietly, use the new zoom, contemplate the quiet poise of turtle and egret, both having a slow morning at Tempe Town Lake. Turtle maybe a bit slower. Egret strutting around all plumy and fancy looking. I think he pulls off the look nicely, though. Egret confident he can fly away if I make a move, turtle keeping an eye on me just in case. If turtles could fly. If egrets could turtle.



  1. I can't imagine two more different animals, but both are amazing.
    Great picture!

  2. When it comes to birds, I agree that bikes seem to be relatively unstartling. However, cows and buffalo are FASCINATED by bikes. Dogs maybe even more. Cats run the gamut from one extreme to the other.

  3. Wow! Soup AND entrée with ONE SHOT. I wonder how my Bar-B-Que sauce recipe would go with egret?

    1. Except in case of a survival scenario on par with a zombie apocalypse, I would not harm egret or turtle. Everything changes when the dead rise up and walk the earth in search of brains, though.


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