Monday, April 23, 2012

Hot April Canalocross

No, "Hot April" is not my canalocross riding partner

Love those rocks basking in the sun, with my canalocross bike leaning against them. The first ride of true heat acclimatization went well. Although we hit a blistering (for April I mean) record 105°F, I got off the trail before that. April, she was in a crazy mood today. It's like the sun wakes up the heat monster who lives underground, and he shimmers up out of the pavement to cook all who venture outdoors. Somehow, possibly by going for a swim in the canal, Hot April lured the heat monster out early this year. Wicked. And I mean that in a good way. Hot April, she can come around whenever she likes, I'll just chase her down the canal anyway, and ride through the crazy yellow drifts of fallen flowers. It may sound like I'm exaggerating. Nope, see the photos below: miles and miles of this, puddles, piles, drifts of yellow flower petals to ride through. Hot April, she brings this kind of thing on.

Flower drifts. Beats snow drifts any time. Hot April laughs derisively at the mention of "snow".

If Hot April brings fallen flowers and 105°F, what will crazy May bring? I tremble with anticipation.


  1. 105F will ensure those flowers are no longer yellow!


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