Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Brain Wipe!

The brain wipe was complete just about the time I rode past this cactus in bloom

Riding home from work, my head was so full of urgent, contending thoughts that the twisted writhing tangle of them was pushing against the back of my eyeballs. I felt like if I removed the retaining screws which hold on my forehead cover plate (torx screws, carbon fiber cover), the pressure of all those important to-do and undone and dependent task items would cause them to sproing out like so many springs crammed into a too-small box. It was time for a bicycle aided brain wipe (BABW).

Instead of concentrating on the thoughts themselves, I focused on relieving the pressure behind my eyes, then on my evening out my breathing, then on pedaling smooth, round circles at a good fast cadence. Thinking of the DBAN boot disk (it's a computer thing for wiping disks), I started saying to myself, "Brain wipe, brain wipe, brain wipe," and whaddya know, the combination of the warm air, sunshine, spinning wheels, mental focus, and little meditation mind games seemed to work.

By the time I got to the cactus, I was nearly a blank slate. Momentarily, sure, soon as my foot touched earth, most of the contending tasks came crashing back in, but easier, I guess, with less pressure. Thank you, BABW.



  1. There's aren't too many hassles in life that can't be improved by a spell of pedalling in the fresh air :)

  2. When I get stressed out or bummed out I often say to my wife that it's "nothing a bike ride can't fix". Since I ride to work and back most days, I get fixed up on a regular basis!

    Short versions: agreed. amen. +1.

  3. Ah, the mind clearing bike ride. It does wonders for the soul.

  4. Is that a Hawaiian April 1st cactus?

    1. It's either that, or an Arizona lei plant--you take the pads, and lace them into a garland around your neck. Flowered pads are preferred.

  5. The bicycle commute as an important, re-creational transition time, clears the mind, exercises the legs and heart, and is beneficial to the overall "sound mind sound body" whole.

  6. a bicycle: anywhere from $0 (for a gift) - as much as you have
    a helmet: 20 - 150
    peace of mind that comes from bicycling: priceless


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