Friday, April 27, 2012

Brain Tree Slump Block Composition

I see the colors
Just a little playful color manipulation from the Lift Station #53 post

Shift a color here, up the contrast there, flip to negative around the corner, and presto: it's Friday. White is not white in this picture, and black is not black, although the slump block wall was white-ish, and the shadows upon it darkish. I only got in commuting miles this week, and feels like not enough. I may need to steal a few hours, in order to do something a bit more rewarding than finding out what a "slump block" is, although at least I got that going for me. A signature building material of the southwest, it is a block which is produced with a wetter-than-normal mix which is permitted so deform, or "slump" when it is removed from the mold, thus giving it the appearance of adobe, although only to someone unfamiliar with adobe. Yes, clearly I am going to have to go steal some time to put in some non-commuting miles, and soon.



  1. Ahahahahahaaaaa!

  2. I totally agree. Commuting alone is NOT enough. Thanks for that reminder...

  3. Oh yeah. Sometimes just hopping onto the saddle of one of my mountain bikes, or sliding into the seat of the recumbent, and taking off with no particular destination ... is the best medicine.

    Sure beats paying 50 bucks an hour for a shrink!

  4. Recognizing a state of too-little bike riding can be a moment of clarification, since there's essentially only the barriers I put up myself to just hopping on and going. Something must be off on the priority list, which means reevaluation and reprioritization is needed to put things back where they belong.


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