Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rolling Oak

One more Wall Cycle to Ocotillo freeway pot, I think
Rolling down Oak
moving through this space makes my heart race
Because I feel connected,
knowing the place,
being in it.
Feeling without looking.
Understanding without considering.
Both what and who's around that corner,
and what their name is,
the intersection of their story with the arc of my own bicycle plot line, here.
I remember those who were here before,
also look ahead: to future VNSA book sale rides down Oak.

Got to work on the neighborhood proprioception, sometimes.

One tap, or two punches? A slow push, or a vigorous pop?

Inspired by a recent comment by ectogestator on my post about a former(?) Phoenix Crosstown Bike Route going down Oak and Encanto, I rode the Flatland Commuter to check out a portion of it. The verdict: Oak/Encanto is a mighty bike route, with much to recommend it. 

Soda fountain, future destination

Wait, another canvas duck bicycle bag made in Nelson, England? Well, yeah!

Arizona State Fairgrounds, site of the yearly VNSA booksale, right off the Encanto bike route. It is my destiny.
Not a lot of traffic except crossing the sevens and Central. Real life. Real people. Stand to push the fixed gear up and over the freeway pedestrian overpass ramp. Switchback with no dabs? Nah. But next time, with books loaded up in a black duck canvas bag.



  1. Lovin' the flatland commuter. Fixed? SS? Either way, me like.

  2. Mac Alpine's is a pretty neat place, worth checking out for the decor and the ice cream. I think they have very limited hours (maybe only Saturdays?)

    The Sunshine Market is usually my first stop on my weekend rides, where I fill up on water and snacks. Here's a video by local band Roar featuring the Sunshine Market near the beginning.


    My experience with Oak is mostly limited to the area between 12th St. and 40th St. Not a big fan of the part around the 51 but I guess that's one of the worst parts. If you want to alleviate trouble from 7th St. to 7th Ave, go a few blocks north and take Virginia. Equally low traffic plus lights at each of the big intersections (7th St./Central/7th Ave.). I've gone west on Encanto as far as 23rd Ave but never crossed the 17, so I'm curious how hard that is.

    1. There's also a sign there by Mac Alpines, something about a bike shop...have to look closer when I go back.

  3. Beautiful bike with that stylin' bag. I'm pining for a colorful bike. I wouldn't mind orange...

    1. anniebikes I yearn for orange. There was this frame, once, which I did not buy...ah, regrets.

  4. Nice bag you sold me.


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