Sunday, February 12, 2012

VNSA Used Book Sale 2012: A Velobibliomaniac's Confessions, and Further Schemes

Thousands of people waiting to purchase paper-based bookware

It's very possible, likely even, that a massive used book sale which could be bicycled to/from, with proper logistical execution, and which also sells bicycle-related books along with a few hundred thousand on other subjects, is not (or is, depending on your perspective ) the best place for a velobibliomaniac such as myself. 

Next year, I'm thinking of doing an S24O to the VNSA book sale, since every year so far that I have contemplated riding my bike to it, I have balked at the thought of a) riding there in the middle of the night and b) transporting 30 or 40 books home on my bicycle. The S24O would solve (a) since I could ride there whenever I wanted to and just camp out with the other bibliomaniacs who already spend the night in order to get a good spot in line, and I feel that once (a) was out of the way, and buttressed by the care and support of the other bibliomaniacs camping on the cold, hard asphalt of the State Fairgrounds colossal parking lot, I could conquer (b).

Inside view of bibliophiles in their element

So I used up some of my 20 miles average of driving my car per month and took the motor vehicle. Another plus of the S24O bike-based transport plan: I wouldn't have to pay the $7 to park a motor vehicle in the colossal parking lot. Purchasing a cargo bike would, likely, erase that advantage, so I'll have to figure out how to do it with bags, racks, and backpack. Perhaps a trailer, a Burley Travoy for example...hey, that would be useful to haul books around inside the sale, too...hmmmm. But would also probably cost in excess of $7. Well, based on my calculated book savings today of $400+, compared to buying them new, I think I could justify at least the trailer for next year.

The bike-related purchases

The non-bike purchases. Any sale that results in TWO Daniel Dennett books I haven't read is a success.

My Beloved suggested that I forgo the sale and download "books" to the Nook instead. Just before she handed me her wish list on a piece of paper. It's logical that paper books are on the way out, but that's not logic that I am prepared to accept wholeheartedly. 

The signs seemed to have a positive effect (with odd, verse-like spacing)

Books! Books! Books! Veterans Coliseum in the background

I picked up some collectible cookbooks for my mom, too. I figured I could bribe her into supporting the need for Operation Book Trailer S24O VNSA 2013 (OBTS24OVNSA13).Which sounds kinda crazy, but then that's the kinda crazy I am.

Mom, the S24O bicycle camping trailer book sale scheme is a good idea, right?


  1. Oooh, what a day...lots of good finds there. I used to have Pedal to the Ends of the Earth on my bookshelf. As I recall, I liked it but it's been too many years since I've read it...Have to give it a another go. Maybe my copy made it to Arizona...

    You are too funny about that trailer. I'm sure you'll find many uses for it. Hey, it's cheaper than that car you got rid of!

  2. So jealous! What a wonderful space in which to wander.

  3. My bride won't accompany me to any kind of book event or bookstore...something about not liking to watch an addict get his fix.
    She won't go to the hardware store with me either.

  4. I love libraries. They combine the advantages of real books with the advantages of electronic books, without the cost of either.

  5. My older daughter stopped me in the hallway last week: "Dad, do we have Catcher in the Rye?" As I handed it to her, along with Franny and Zooey and a biography of Salinger, I thought, she'll remember me handing her this iconic dark red book with yellow lettering 30 years from now, and, there may not be iconic dark red and yellow books around for her to hand to her daughter. When something new is found, something old is lost, and that loss is not always for the better. When she finished it, she handed Catcher to her best friend to read, too.

  6. Looks good, I like the bike to work book.

    1. Dan I think it's an American edition of a British book called "Cycling to Work". They converted the pounds to $, and reversed the illustrations so that everyone is shown riding on the right side of the road.

    2. Hmm looks interesting.

    3. Do you know the author?

    4. Rory McMullan is the author of "Biking to Work".


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