Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Looking for a Few Good Bicycle Paths

Along Cave Creek Wash Path

Salient features of this stretch of path: well maintained, smooth, quiet and empty, connects with nearby parks and other paths, can cycle to Cave Creek golf course if that's your thing, expansion joints not really noticeable.

Along Cave Creek Wash, near junction with ACDC path

Sweet sweet smooth-rolling asphalt, drinking fountain and facilities nearby, connects with canal, several parks big and small along the way, appears to be used by nearby neighborhood residents of all types and ages, multiple types of sports facilities available for use from tennis courts to softball, good trees and shade, has tunnels for uninterrupted spinning at intersections with major cross-streets.

Cave Creek Wash

And sometimes, the rare occurrence in the desert of a flash flood will turn this 99% dry wash into something like a rushing maniacal river. With a good path that provides a ringside seat.



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    1. It's funny, I can't quite tell if this is link spam or not. It sounds like a workable scenario with a good product, but the pattern of this text is suspicious to me.

  2. The problem with asphalt is it doesn't last very long and most places don't renew it.

  3. i'm in a town that is blessed with a really good trail system, a lot of which is smoothly paved . . . i like the roads better but the trails pass through beautiful countryside along old railway lines. put me on two wheels jra and really i don't care about much of anything else to be honest!!! steven


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