Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Free Yard Sale: Living to Ride Another Day

Yesterday only, 100% off everything mostly

I checked, they had no free bikes for sale. Time to go listen to some Iron Butterfly. Because if you're going to hold a FREE YARD SALE, you ought to have some flowers in your hair, and some peaceful thoughts running round your head. That's what I'm going for, anyway, peaceful thoughts, after the woman yacking on her cell phone ran the yield sign at the entrance to the traffic circle and almost plowed into me. I saw her coming in from the right, and calculated that even if she didn't see me, which is always a possibility, I was far enough through the circle and going fast enough that I would make it. However, I didn't count on her HITTING THE GAS as she looked to her right (not her left at me coming from the only direction anyone would be coming from) and pushed the pedal down. I continued on in front of her, and waved back at her over hoping that would catch her attention before she ran me down. She smashed the brake pedal and avoided hitting me. Grinding brakes, tires chirp-squeal biting down on the pavement, two tons of steel lurching to a stop just behind me, all of a split second to wonder if human reaction time was sufficient to keep me off the fat nasty sharp end of the f=ma equation. It got to me for a minute as I tried to leave it behind me, and beginning to wonder if the car behind her ran into her when she smashed the brake pedal down. Next time, even if I am first to the line, I think I will trust my instincts more, and not calculate if I can make it but just let her go, in case of unexpected behavior like looking to the right and HITTING THE GAS. I can wait. I got free yard sales to get to. And and too much sweet long old music to listen to in my headphones to risk it all on inattentive drivers yacking on cell phones. Lesson learned.



  1. Was it a front yard, or back yard that was free?

  2. Think mellow thoughts. I encountered a pizza driver on the way back to pick up another load and more tips.


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