Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Soleri Sogwoozles!

Sogwoozles invade Soleri Bridge and Plaza

And so it begins: the sogwoozle invasion. First they appeared in ones and twos, harmless enough, then, suddenly: a sogwoozle formation! Striking at the heart of the city! Posing in front of Soleri siltcast panels! Powering down the non-powered paths! Not even bothering to deploy parasols to try to disguise themselves!

I spotted the scouts in this area before. Too late now, I guess. They do bring up the "powered transport on the non-powered paths" question, but I would rather just refer to them as "sogwoozles," and glory in their sheer geeky awesomeness. Pedestrian path users, you're on your own, deal with the sogwoozles motoring down your non-motored paths as you see fit. On my bike I just blast on by making my RED ALERT SOGWOOZLE claxon sound.

I do have a concern that the sogwoozles might startle one of my equestrian horsey path user four-legged friends, causing animal upset with their alien locomotion. I love the horses beyond all reason. I'm hoping those sogwoozles do the right thing and come to a complete stop to allow the horses to pass. We could stand together, discussing our various modes of gyroscopic balance stabilization to pass the time. I would ask, gesturing toward the canal: them things run under water?

SEC. 17-100. Prohibitions. 
(a) No person shall operate, use or place any vehicle or device with an attached motor or power unit, whether or not it is in operation, upon a multiuse path or within three (3) feet of a multiuse path.


  1. Great Scott!
    You must capture one.
    You know, so you can dissect it.

  2. So, don't them things have motors or power units,just like electric bikes or electric wheelchairs?

  3. They were a big thing here for about one year. Then they went away. But to be fair, it get's people outdoors. And they may be more predictable than a five year old on a bike.

  4. Well, if you're gonna get invaded by motorized vehicles, those are probably the most tolerable. Way quieter than a motorcycle, scooter or ATV, which is probably what the ordinance had in mind.

    We sprang for a Segway tour in downtown Austin last fall, and it was actually quite a blast. In the couple of hours we were out, we both got pretty good on the things.

    Hopefully, the tour operator is responsible enough be a good citizen on the paths and avoid being a pain to other users.

  5. I would ride one. Prefer a bicycle, but would not turn down a spin on one. Taking a tour on one sounds like fun, once.

    Then I would dissect it. Locate its power source. Convert it into a bicycle light. Perhaps the rest could be converted into a rack, or trailer of some sort.

  6. I've ridden one very briefly. I can't say they offend me; I can see how people who work in downtown areas might find them more convenient than a car. I guess I don't understand seeing tourists use them for sightseeing - although for me part of what I love about sightseeing while on vacation is the physical activity. Like you, John, I prefer my bike.


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