Saturday, January 7, 2012

Naked Steel One Speed Love

It's a Felt Brougham in a "AAA chrome" naked steel colorway

If I get what the Internet thinks about this model, I should be skeptical and feel only disdain for this blatant commercialization of onespeedism. Maybe right. However, on first sight, I felt only desire. My uninformed and unsophisticated response is easy to understand, once I list the buttons of mine it pushed: 
  • shiny
  • steel
  • sleek
  • simple
  • bicycle
Clearly, I am unbicycleenculturated. Mmm, naked steel single speed. Shiny. XOXOX


  1. shiny.... shiny... shiny.....

    I kick myself still for passing up carbon tube frame with shiny stainless lugs....


  2. I have a silver Scott commuter. Silver, not shiny. Shiny is better!

  3. Your sentiment merely illustrates why you shouldn't believe everything you read on the Internet.

  4. I'll stick my neck out here. Fuel for thought: males are responding strongly to this bike. I don't like it at all. I definitely need color. It would be interesting to note whether any of your responders already own a single speed or whether it's the chrome and single speed together that is the attraction.

  5. anniebikes, you may be on to something there (although cycler also appears to have been shiny-struck). Speaking for myself, I have two single speeds, but no shiny chrome bikes at all. So for me, it appears to be the novelty, something like a sea bass going for a silver lure and ignoring the hooks, I suppose.

    Everyone else: look over here, shiny!


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