Friday, January 13, 2012

Metal Thieves on the Arizona Canal: Signs of the Time

Before picture of Arizona Canal Diversion Channel plaques, on 8/8/2011

Same spot, 1/7/12

Close-up of missing plaque, left

Right plaque

I took some photos of these plaques along the canal back in August because I thought they were well done and informative. Someone else must have thought they were ripe for the taking, and worth more as scrap. I guess they could just be out for cleaning or something, but I got a strong "ripped off" feeling looking at those empty spaces. Signs of the times.



  1. That's really awful.

    In Boston, a couple of lowlifes stole some historic railings from a bridge I ride over all the time- They got a couple of hundred bucks for them, and the cost to replace them was 50K or something like that because of all the detail.

    You would just think that the metal recycling places would be required to check for stolen property, or have some kind of delay on melting stuff down for things that look "official" or "historic"

  2. Ugh! Let's hope they are out for cleaning...if they come back, let us know.

    And, yes, I would hope for someone looking out for these signs.

  3. Just don't tell those thieves about the Texas historical markers or there will be a gang of new millionaires shortly.

  4. Periodically someone goes digging for copper cables and pulls up all this yellow stringy fibrous stuff instead and a network engineer bursts into tears.

    We can splice the fiber. Historical plaques are harder to replace =(

  5. That's sad.
    Thankfully they haven't started on the manhole covers.

  6. I also tried to find what the scrap value of a bicycle is. The somewhat good news is that the lighter it is, the less it is worth, unless it's titanium I guess. Also, carbon fiber has no scrap value I am aware of. Hmmm. I wonder if I can create a really ugly carbon fiber commuter from a trashed road bike. I'm thinking, get one with a moderately cracked frame and repair it in a really ugly fashion, like with unsightly wrap-around patches. Taking this approach, along with following the twenty dollar rule of commuter bike accessorization (no part costing more that $20 so it's not a big loss if it's ripped off) may yield the ultimate commuter: excellent ride, low worth to thieving bastards. Looking for a source for cracked road frames now...


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