Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012: Let's Start Off With Clean Streets!

A phalanx of sweepers after the parade: debris and glass don't stand a chance.


The Schwarze M6000!

In the aftermath of the Fiesta Bowl parade, the sweepers and cleaners put on an impressive show of scrubbing down the streets. I'm sure a parade leaves behind all sorts of garbage, dirt, debris, etc, but this was a major coordinated cleanup involving multiple street sweeper-cleaners, and a line of guys with brooms, dust blowers, and other cleanup utensils. I've seen ritual street cleaning before, and this was so thorough and massive that it almost felt like that--let's start off the year with this street being sparkling clean. Yeah, I rode on it right after the trucks went past, just to let my tires feel a totally clean street for once. Oooo, they got all tingly.

Maybe if there's a street you ride on regularly that needs to be cleaned, for example, if the street you commute on every day still has glass on it from Halloween that you have to ride around, a parade is in order. Let the city know that cleaning up afterwards would be a good idea.



  1. Parades are cool in more ways than one!


  2. Steve, also, the people who drove their cars there had these massive traffic jams to deal with when it was over, compared to us bicyclists, who just hopped on and rode away.

  3. I always avoid, like the plague, the holiday parades, butI tell ya, those three big, white "final floats" in your pictures are definitely something I'd stand and cheer for! ;)


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