Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Point Seven Percenter Finds No Light Takers (So Far)

Bus stop wisdom, Indian School and Hayden, Scottsdale

The bicycle commute rate in Phoenix is given as .7%, point seven percent. I don't know how accurate that figure really is, but I can attest to not seeing too many other cyclists out on the roads during a typical commute time ride. On average, I'm guestimating I see from three to seven cyclists, of all different types and persuasions, during my commute, which can take up to half an hour each way when I take it easy. 

But my last post about being on the lookout for COD (Cyclists Of Darkness, people at night on bicycles lacking lights), in order to give them one or more of the lights I'm carrying with me now, must have had some sort of cosmic repercussions. I say that because my Wednesday evening commute brought me into contact with a grand total of ZERO other cyclists, of any type: no commuters, no sports, no children, no mysterious converted tandems carrying boxes of unknown purpose, no cruisers, no electrics, no gas strap-ons, nothing. Nada. 

As this anomaly unfolded, I started getting less choosy about who I would give my lights away to. I mean, just about anyone who looked like they might have had a use for a flashy light would have worked! But no one was out except for me and the cars. I did see two women pushing a baby stroller which had no lights on it, however, and they did cross the street. I thought, would it make the stroller more visible to have one or more flashing lights affixed to it? (probably), and, would the two women be amenable to a stranger stopping and offering to affix flashy lights to the stroller at no charge? (call 911 and then I have to explain to the sheriff my thoughts on stroller visibility?) So no, I didn't attempt it, not this time.

Thus, I am still on the lookout for COD in need of flashy lights. But I truly thought I would have more to report, either that all the cyclists I encountered were brightly equipped, or, that I had found a COD, chased them down, and made my first attempt to give away a light. Not seeing even one other cyclist took me by surprise. But I guess we point seven percenters have to be prepared for that. Or, just ride farther out of our ways to find the rare COD that we seek.


  1. You would need to have a fortune if you intended giving out lights to CODs here in Bournemouth.
    From what I see there are more cyclists riding at night without lights than riding with......


  2. Maybe a "free store?"
    Like a stand in the park, with a sign: make yourself visible at night! free bicycle lights!
    A house down the street has a free store in the front yard.

  3. It's been a while since I saw any people on bikes. Even motorcycles are scarce where I work. Yesterday, there was only a single Honda Goldwing. Apparently Texas get gold easily.

  4. Trevor, one COD at a time brother, one COD at a time.

    limom, hmm, a free store! Hippies! My only requirement is that you ride up on a bicycle. Can a Free Store, have a requirement? Perhaps I would call it "Flash In", get it? Goldie, can you stop by?

    Steve, I did see one other cyclist on my Thursday evening commute, a recumbent which was resplendent with multiple illumination sources. I also saw one kid riding to school in the morning, which on a street that appears to be very suitable for that I would add, but that was it for Thursday cyclists, in about an hour of riding.

  5. Maybe try giving lights out on the morning commute? I don't like to ride at night (even with lights) so I ride to work in the morning and then take the bus home at night (I have a folding bike so this works for me). I know I need lights to ride at night, but for me, it's not really the limiting factor.


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