Monday, December 19, 2011

Bicycle Thieves Will Be Viciously Eaten

Jurassic Age by Sui Jianguo, guarding the bicycle rack at the Phoenix Art Museum

I wonder if a large, red, bronze and steel dinosaur glaring at the bicycle rack deters bicycle thieves. Surely, the prospect of being devoured savagely for attempting to steal our machines would give them pause. I don't like violence, and prefer peaceful solutions to all conflicts. But a sign that said "TOUCH THIS BIKE AND YOU WILL BE EATEN" has some appeal to me. Jurassic justice, we could call it.

I ordered up a tasty combo light rail and bike ride to the Phoenix Art Museum to see the new Frank Lloyd Wright exhibition. Of which more coming up soon. The journey there was rainy again, with the sun showing its face just for a few moments that permitted me to get this happy shot. Then the clouds returned and I chased the dark skies and pattering drops all the way home. My kids tried to tell me that I smelled sweaty when I rolled in the door, but I told them it was just a myth.


  1. i'd like to have the dinosaur there to munch cars that right hook, dust me into the curb, or especially carve across the road right in front of me from left to right on their way to the coffee shop!!! frank lloyd wright is a fan fave over at my place so i am excited to see and read . . . . . steven

  2. Perspiration: it's all in your mind.
    Sort of.

  3. The rain waited until I reached home today...

  4. steven it's an interesting comparison and possible fodder for future post: my impression is actually the bike rack holds more grief for cyclists than the road. Have to ponder that.

    limom, I may start selling mental deodorant, for those whose thoughts stink.

    Steve, sending it your way, brother. I believe in passing it on.


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