Monday, November 7, 2011

When on some gilded cloud

Pre-commute an eery glowing yellow suffused through the curtains pulled me outside for a look. Looking at the sky really didn't help me figure out the sky, however. A photograph gives part of the picture, but doesn't capture the way that EVERYTHING was glowing yellow from the light. 

Morning glow. The title of this post is from a poem called The Retreat, by Henry Vaughan (1650)
Later on, the NWS issued a High Wind Advisory, including dust storm warnings and the notice that small unanchored objects could be blown around. I wondered if a bicycle commuter qualifies as a small unachored object. The sky at the end of the day was also notably odd, with the sun pasted in the sky like a wafer. Check it out, I believe it's from the dust lofted into the atmosphere by the Pacific storm that was blowing in.

Riding here in that shady city of palm trees...

... I have to say that it is forward motion I love.


  1. Did you never see Miss Gulch in "The Wizard of Oz?" Of COURSE bikes and their riders are small unanchored objects!

  2. stupendous!!! i am so enjoying our sunsets right now because they are happening right when i am riding home so i get the full effect. i'm going to carry my good camera with me over the next few weeks just so i can get some to share. steven

  3. ah, Miss Gulch, what was with her, anyway? A week in Hawaii would have done wonders for her. She needed to throw in more C in her A to B.

    steven, sunset immersion is recommended for all humans on a regular basis.


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