Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More GABA Swap: A Pokey the Bear Bicycle Dream

He patrols the woods with his mighty headlight, seeking cyclists riding over sharp rocks and goathead thorns...

He moves under Bear Power, covering the miles silently, hauling an old Silca floor pump and patch kit

But he will find them. He always does.

And when he discovers them standing beside their bicycle with the sheared-off valve stem 20 miles from camp on a Forest Service road, and no spare tube, just before they hear those familiar words, he puts a big furry paw on their shoulders, and says: only YOU can prevent porous tires.


  1. no way!!! that's too good!!! excellent. steven

  2. Aw, jeez, ya got me, JRA.

    I'm so used the cerebral content of your blog that I was TOTALLY blindsided by the Gold Star pun!


  3. I hear Pokey's deep, resonant voice, try to learn from his thorough knowledge of pneumatic tires, stare deep into his brown eyes, and I am comforted.


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