Thursday, November 10, 2011

Free Beer Left at Bike Rack is Encouraging

Is it a good omen? Or a radical new encouragement scheme?

Possibly one cyclist left this behind for the next one of us as a gesture of brotherhood. Or, the universe smiled upon me and sent it my way as a good omen for biking. Now, I don't drink, but I recognize positive signs in all forms. I've been given a thumbs-up by the cosmos in the form of beer before. It was a long time ago, but this photo is still a happy memory. This full can was even better, though, because this actually was just sitting there for the taking. I didn't take it, leaving it as a positive sign for a cyclist who might possibly appreciate it more. Then about halfway home, as I started to get hungry, I imagined marinating a bratwurst in the beer, grilling the brat until the skin popped, then eating it smothered in kraut with brown mustard, and I almost turned around to go back and get it. Then I laughed, because it probably wasn't even there any more. 

In any case, I bet more people would bike to work if free beer at the bike racks was a standard deal. "Did you bike in today?" "Well yes I did!" "Have a cold one." Bike commuting rates through the roof. A modest and very affordable proposal.


  1. Free beer at the bike racks sounds like a good idea to me....


  2. jra i sent this to my bike friends in peterborough as a possible alternative to some of the programs currently being offered. i remain eternally optimistic and i believe that this has huge potential. better beer would be good but whatever!!! steven

  3. Trevor, I'm thinking better beer might be even more encouraging.

    steven, perhaps even better, check your cycle-share bike back in, get a free beer! There are several very interesting variations on this theme.

  4. I’ve actually tried luring bike commuters with beer. About two years ago I challenged two of my friends who occasionally ride bikes recreationally to ride for one day to and from work. Whichever one did it first would get rewarded with a free case of beer of their choosing. But the world is a strange place. Neither one has ridden and/or claimed their prize. So sad.

  5. mindful mule, it's so interesting to me, we think we know our friends, and what might motivate them to try something we like so much, namely bicycle commuting, yet they keep coming up with barriers. Ah well, we keep trying, right?


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