Thursday, October 6, 2011

So I Can Dream

I'll slip away so I can dream. To waves, to trees, to quiet, to sunshine, away, away, there may be sand, there may be exquisite eating, excessive fun, walking to nowhere to do nothing for no one. Will there be meetings? No. Appointments, schedules, plans? Minimal, only to achieve the desired results. What about emails to send and receive? No: they are forbidden. Could one sit and stare at the clouds? If one wants. Could one stay up all night dancing? Of course. What about bike riding, some of that? Of course, though possibly of a slow, languorous, lazy river type. Watching the sun rise while snuggling a loved one? Yes, that and more. 

And the dreaming part, what about that? Yes of all types, day-, night-, sleep late and turn over for more type, wake up from the best one to the smell of strong good coffee type, sleep outside and feel the cool breezes type, exhaust yourself and take a late nap and eat a later dinner type, all types in fact. And the waking kind, the mind wandering, idealistic, hopeful, silly plan-making, wild aspiring, romantic, poetic, outrageous daring-doing type, what about that, can that be there, too? Yes, yes, yawp, yawp away. Reading mindless or mindful books type dreaming? Of course, with surf as your music. And the pencil and paper kind, the crouch beside the dim light in the corner in the middle of the night type, with ideas pouring out flowing where only they know, that type of dreaming, is that in the plans as well? Perhaps, possibly, given enough of the other, some hours, some cleansing, some mental clearance, possibly, may enable the slightest of scribbles. 

I'll slip away for a while, so I can dream, catch me on the other side, if I don't float away in light light ease.



  1. Love those palm trees. Ours all died. A real yawn is when you rush to make your international, nonrefundable flight, only to wait at the gate for the plane. At least there's WiFi without any more Ronald.

  2. dream on dude! sweet post. steven


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