Sunday, October 30, 2011

Crosscut Canal Path Finishing Touches: Words and Gabion Baskets

Craving closure on the Crosscut canal series of posts, including the most recent improvements that have been made on the path as part of the "phase II project", with earlier work (ten years or more) and phases by both City of Scottsdale (2004-2008), and Tempe, as I am sure you are too, I rode down there recently and saw the finishing touches that they've put in: signage, bridges, benches, art elements, etc. The artist listed on the Tempe City site for phase II is Mary Lucking at Lizard Acres Studio, who designed the bridges and the pavement patterns. With the precedent set by Barbara Grygutis in 2002 with Centerline, new or revised sections of this trail have a high standard to live up to.

Here are just a few shots of what has become a very useful and also pleasant path. With its hills, it's also a good workout on a fixed gear, depending on the gearing. But with the long flat portions, you want a nice high speed combo, so just do what I did on the hilly parts: stand and mash.

Gabions! Signage! I have expired and gone on to a higher MUP! SUP!

Racks! Why? So you can lockup and play some disc golf along the stream.

Benches, racks, and contour line art featuring bicycles. There are some contours around here to ride, oh yes.

It's a SUP, I guess.

I think there was an aquaduct that crossed over the Superstition Freeway, gone now...


  1. I hope you realize you are a lucky pup!

  2. Steve, it is indeed an awesome path, with many features to recommend it to a pleasant/happy ride/walk/run along it. I am still slight hung up on the connectivity with important local destinations and other path systems at both ends, but I guess I will get over it.


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