Monday, August 22, 2011

Independent Booksellers, Coffee Shops, a Biltmore Hotdog, and Awesome Phoenix Motorists

Fantastic bike ride fuel at Urban Beans in Phoenix. Good coffee requires no sweetener. Discuss.

Stand-in for hills on my ride thru Flatland. Rode right up and over the freeway, no problem for my fixed gearing.

FLC bike, added a Crane ting-ting bell to the stem, too. Man is it loud!

Bard Books, next door to Urban Beans. Opens at Noon on Sundays, so I'll visit on another day.

Nice shady bicycle parking between Urban Beans and Bard Books

The sign, it draws me in...

If I read this sign right, it is stating what I already know! I imagine paint is going to change this picture soon.

Since Bard Books was not open yet, I rode up to Bookmans. Grand Canal over to 15th Ave, straight up to Northern Ave.

It is indeed right and salutary that the first real cargo on the Flatland Commuter bike was books.

Bike fuel at the turn: Arizona Biltmore golf course hotdog and Coke: Oh My Cog this hit the spot.

Hotdogs provide vital electrolytes, Coke provides needed carbs,water, and a little caffeine. (I usually shun soda pop)

Since I wanted to stop by Urban Beans to try out its coffee, then ride up to Bookmans for some books, I knew I was going to have to ride some streets on the Flatland Commuter fixed gear longer tryout ride. Sunday morning traffic makes it very pleasant however. 7th Street, 32nd Street, 16th Street, Osborn Road, 19th Ave, these are all streets in Phoenix that you just have to position yourself in the middle of the narrow lane and make like good traffic. Let me state for the record: Phoenix motorists were AWESOME on my ride, every single one I encountered! Many of them made a point of passing me EXTRA far away because there was room for them to do so, no one honked, not one close pass, not one problem. Every stoplight where I rolled up and put my wheels on the loop triggered for me, and no motorists tried to scootch by or crowd me out. I signaled, they saw, I went, we all took turns, I don't know, maybe it was the Urban Beans espresso kicking my awareness up a notch, but there was some kind of good bicycle vibrations out on the streets on Sunday morning. Which helped, since the asphalt underneath sort of felt like it was trying to cook me.

Picked up some good books at the store, as well as some slightly different shade of yellow enamel paint at the hobby store next to Bookmans, to try again to touch up the FLC frame a little. The color rendering in that bottom photo is pretty accurate, and you can see the yellow has a little green tint to it, which I'm hoping matches close enough to the "zinc chromate" color.

That Biltmore dog is definitely one of my "hotdogs of the gods" category of ride snacks. Sure, the stand is on the Biltmore golf course so you are going to pay for it, but it's perfectly placed right off the canal for a quick snack and ice cold drink, so I'm willing to fork out. Plus it's a really good dog. Which, you know, supplies eletrolytes and stuff. And critical onion factors. As well as relish supplements. And most important of all: spicy brown mustard substrates. It's best not to ride on a hot day in Flatland without those.


  1. Looks good, single speeds are quite a bit of fun. I do not have mine here in Duluth ware I live now to many hills.

  2. No Biltmore dogs round these parts, but I like the bike rack at the Quicktrip gas station and their 2 for $2 dogs.

  3. DAN I've walked those hill in Duluth. They are a workout, man.

    Steve A, a photo essay/review of QT dogs is in order. Please queue one up. :)

    limom, I relish your comments.


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