Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Evil Under the Sun

Je déteste trimbaler des paniers: found page from "Evil Under the Sun" (Meurtre au Soleil) by Agatha Christie

Sun Buddha at Bard Books


  1. Ho Tai- Laughing Buddha, Happy Buddha or Fat Buddha(USA)is a Chinese Zen monk around a 1000 years old. It's not Siddhartha Gautama but rather and incarnation of the Bodhisattva as is 'The Dude' I believe.
    Rub the belly for good luck.

  2. I need to read more French.
    Coolness of zen.

  3. DAN I attempted to balance the scary paper with the happy Buddha.

    limom, moi aussi.

    Oldfool, that's one old monk-dude! I imagine part of his happiness stems from being outside in the sunshine and fresh air.


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