Saturday, August 13, 2011

7th Ave Tunnel and the Mysterious Monolithic Concrete

Rising like a monolith

I've been keeping an eye on the progress on the MUP tunnel under 7th Ave along the ACDC. It's coming along, but this part of the project has me stumped--I can't figure out what they're building! This cement thing is just standing there next to the water with nothing around it--art? Abutment? Giant immovable post-apocalypse time capsule? The world's sturdiest bike rack? Temporary work location for tunnel wall-piece? If so where are the rest though and would they do that one at a time? Odds favor some mundane yet obscure aspect of MUP tunnel construction, I'm certain. Yet, I keep hope alive for a new piece of art. Something like the following, which is in an existing nearby MUP tunnel, yet much larger, perhaps brightly colored, with shade and water!


  1. It would take a pretty massive u lock to go all the way round that pillar so i think the massive bike rack is an unlikely theory.

  2. Steve, well, perhaps the constructors are still working on that, by adding some steel protuberances for locking up to. Perhaps said protuberances will be adorned with art of similar shape to the second pic, or be shaped similarly! Protuberance!


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