Friday, July 1, 2011

Pepe Le Pedal

First we must try the pedal

At first, it sounded like the bearings in my pedals just needed grease. In a previous post, titled "Please Regrease Me", I showed the process on the other pedals I have that require a special tool to open. Well, these MKS pedals required a different, funky-looking special tool to get the dust caps off. So, Pepe helped me out and we got some fresh grease inside them. Still had the sound though.

On the Thursday evening commute, the sound got really bad, kind of grindy-gritty-dirty with every revolution of the cranks, so I pretty much knew what I was going to be doing Thursday night.

Before I knew it

The cranks came off, then the bottom bracket. That's not the old spindle by the way, that's a new one that I have (NOS, bike swap, XT, different size), that I was looking at to see what the different coded markings were, and also to scavenge the bearings and cups from it. I will possibly replace this bottom bracket with a cartridge next time around, now that I know what size to get. But it seems that without taking them apart in the first place, you can't really tell which one to order, so since I was in there and had the parts, I just put it back together all cleaned up, greased and adjusted. Same spindle though, like I said, didn't know what size until I took it all apart.

No more crunchy sound, very smooth (not adjusted in this picture, though, I cleaned up that grease)

You'd think that I could use the electronic worldwide source of all data and information to find out what size cartridge bottom bracket I would need for a 1989 Fuji Suncrest (Yasuko), so I could order one and then just install it without taking the current one apart, but no, that specific bit of information I could not locate. So, Internet, for future reference, the bottom bracket on my particular 1989 Fuju Suncrest says it's a type "3A" on the spindle, which by measuring and looking at Sheldon's type chart, seems to be the same as a 3K size code, which is "68-shell 117.5 overall 32 left 52 middle 33.5 right 119 symmetrical equivalent". With this repair, I'm confident I can quietly commute into July with no crunchy sound from my pedalling zone. Get up. Go ride.


  1. Okay, so let this Ol' Geezer fill you in on the EASY way to address that BB cartridge conundrum you were facing, JRA:

    The Bike Barn, 36th Street & Indian School Road, Phoenix. I think it was like, fifty bucks, and they adjusted the derailleurs both front and back and even washed Hardiboi for me! Make sure they give you the box the BB came in, cut off the end flap with all the data on it and put it in the file folder with the rest of your bike documentation.

    Ah ... the wisdom that comes with age, eh?

  2. I was much happier going cartridge on the BWTFN.

  3. BlueCat, yes that would be the easy way to do it. I would probably hit up Slippery Pig instead of the barn. However, I do get enjoyment out of working on the bikes myself. When I do it, and something isn't working, I know what and why, or can figure it out.

    limom, I will be happy only if I find a cartridge that matches to the mm. Otherwise, I will know it's not the same.


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