Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fixed Monocogular Adventures Beckon

16T 1/8 inch color?

No, I think the 18T 3/32 inch b&w gets its turn

Best of rides to you this weekend, whether you opt for fixed monocogular, or freewheeling polycogular. Or freewheeling monocog. I would not recommend fixed polycogs, no, hands get too greasy, and a derailleur is out of the question in that configuration. The question I will be pondering on the weekend rides: wait, where did July go? And, where's the coffee?



  1. Yes.....where did July go?

    It really does seem that the older I get the faster the time goes...........scary..!!

  2. This year, I'm not really sure I'll miss July too much. Trevor didn't send us any of his surplus rain...

  3. For me it's been freewheeling monocog. "fixed polycogs" sounds like a medical procedure. Hope you get some good rides in over the weekend.

  4. Trevor I am pretty sure it's a numerator/denominator thing--the more the years pile up, the shorter each successive one feels, relative to the pile. The puzzle is this moment is still still the same blip infinitesimal as the previous...

    Steve have you considered performing a traditional Texas rain dance?

    Apertome, I recently performed a cogectomy with a chain resection.


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