Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Color Decoding for the Benefit of the Urban Botanists League

It's tough being a cactus in the big city

All this blue staking is a sure sign of excavation to come. These cactii, trees, succulents, and flowers better prepare themselves. From a document linked on the site, all those different colors have meaning, which I attempt to decode for the benefit of the Urban Botanists League (protectors of urban cactii, trees, succulents, and flowers): around the spot marked in white where an excavation is proposed, the SAFETY RED indicates power transmission and distribution, the SAFETY ORANGE indicates either telephone telegraph(?) cable TV or fiber optic cable, the SAFETY GREEN indicates a sewer system, and the SAFETY PRECAUTION BLUE indicates various types of water systems. I stayed there in the heat for a few moments contemplating the possible implications of "SRP SIGN MARK 20' RADIUS" to a cactus but I couldn't quite figure it out, except that it includes the word "sign" which always makes my bicycling heart go pitter pat with contemplation of something informative, encouraging, or thought-provoking being installed. THIS WAY TO ART, it might say, pointing out the various directions and distances for bicycling to art from this spot.


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