Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bike Lane Magic Pixie Dust

I felt a presence in the bike lane...

First, they ground off the old surface with Wirtgen W 2200 cold milling machines. Next, they repaved with smooth new asphalt. Somewhere in there, they erected hard-for-cars-to-obey "No Left Turn" signs. Then they painted. Finally, they scattered the magic pixie dust on the helmeted bicyclist symbol, thus annointing the bike lane as A Safe Place to Ride. OK, possibly not real magic pixie dust, just retro-reflective glass microspheres. Poking around the 'tubes, it appears that this stuff (not a powder really, not exactly a "substance", either, perhaps "material"?) is to be sprinkled onto the still-damp paint, thus causing it to shimmer warningly in the oncoming headlights. Looks like they had a little extra here, though.

It shimmers

What about in the dark, JRA, what does the pixie dust do when illuminated by, for example, the blinding white light of a Tri-newt headlight? Let's go find out:
I'm not quite sure, can you make that out?

I think he ran over the line

I fought off the almost irresistible urge to stop and pick it up, this miraculous sparkly powder. Collect it. How can you resist? You can't. There's extra! I bet there's still some left out there. Got to go. His arm needs sparkly assistance. Get up. Go ride.


  1. Why does the sparkly cyclist have a hubcap on his head?

  2. I wonder if that stuff comes in a can.
    The dust I mean.

  3. Steve, I thought it was a wok.

    limon, from the producer's web site, it appears to come in 5 pound bags.


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