Monday, July 11, 2011

Back in the Swing, the Next Project

Scene from a cooler place

Just back from a vacation with the family to the more temperate northwest. We rode ferries. We viewed orcas in the wild. And I found that it takes twice as long to drive anywhere in northwest Washington than most other places I'm familiar with. For example, including ferry wait time and traffic, in one instance, it took us five hours to cover 119 miles. On some of the routes we were driving, the cyclists who took the ferry gave those of us driving cars a run for our money. 

Officials frown on riding up/down this ramp on the ferry

Still tired from all the travel. Apparentely, while we were frolicking along the temperate seaside, Phoenix was hammered with an epic dust storm. We came home and found everything outside, and some things inside, covered with a fine, sandy powder. Not sorry to have missed that, though.

Also, as fate would have it, a nice old ten speed has fallen into my possession. I'll post more about it once I get it cleaned up and in good working order. Here are a few hints though.

From a functional point of view, this appeared to work like new

Ah, the old 3-bolt

Still working on getting back into the swing of things. The rhythm of the ride. Happy to be home, kind of looking forward to things getting back to normal. Get up. Go ride.



  1. I was wondering how you and yours fared in the Great Dust Storm of 2011! It must be weird to come home to something like that.

    The shot of the ferry's bike loading ramp makes me wonder how often people tried to ride up before they got out the stencils. I suspect I would be tempted :)

  2. Do NOT tell me you went up there for any reason other than idle curiosity! I don't know what ferry that is, but it is NOT the Lummi Island ferry or any of the big runs...

  3. kokorozashi I got the feeling that as long as one of the WSF people wasn't standing right there watching the stairs, it's all good.

    Steve, that is the ferry dock at the picturesque Port Townsend. Allow twenty to thirty minutes to drive five miles.

    limom, yeah baby.


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