Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Discouraging Summer Cable Fable

Found next to canal Monday

I've said it before: don't use cable locks. Even so, I don't like to be proven right. I imagine the story went something like this, it's not hard to guess: after a hard day at work, guy walks out the door to get on his bicycle to ride home. The first thing he notices is that it's 114 degrees in Phoenix today. The second thing he notices is that his bicycle and cheap cable lock are not where he left them. What's next, a two hour bus ride? Call a friend who doesn't get off work for another hour? Walk in 114F? 

This is probably a good place to insert my helpful little yellow card (too late for this guy though):

Even though we're hitting our summer heat zone in Phoenix, I run into people who commute by bicycle because they want to, because they enjoy the ride. I wouldn't want someone who is not discouraged by this hot-as-blue-blazes weather to be discouraged by a theft due to the old snip-snip of the useless cable lock. Think of it: this next picture doesn't discourage someone, but the first one does.

Fresh-ground asphalt, ready for resurfacing on Campbell today, reminded me of a BBQ grill

In my version of the summer cable fable, of course, the guy meets a girl who works in a bike shop who replaces his lost transportation, falls in love, likes the girl too, and uses a U-lock for ever and ever. Get up. Go ride.


  1. "... likes the girl too..." I love it. My first laugh of the day.

  2. Wow, it looks like the outer coating is actually thicker than the cable.
    You need another card: I told you so.

  3. I'll comment later when I get home. My cable makes that one look robust!

  4. Refreshed by some hot coffee and free ice water, I was disappointed that nobody attempted to leave such a card on my bike, though I watched through the window for some time. We would have had a nice chat. I timed my walk to the bike at eight seconds. Had it been necessary, I could have made it to the bike a lot faster. Sometimes, we just don't feel like bringing the bike inside...

  5. Oldfool, the love for a bicycle is a wonderful thing.

    limom, those cards would need to be air dropped to blanket the area, which could get me in trouble.

    Steve, I feel that 8 seconds is close enough.


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