Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tovrea Castle in Phoenix, From the Bike Lane

Tovrea Castle, and saguaros about to go POP!

Tovrea Castle is a Phoenix landmark that has served a few different purposes since its construction in 1928 (read its twists and turns on the wikipedia, here), but now is an almost-refurbished Phoenix "Point of Pride" with a lovely cactus garden all around it. I remember it best when it was lit up at night with lights around each tier of the wedding cake. When seen from the air, or from a distance, it was truly notable and odd. 

I've never been inside. But I ride my bicycle past quite often, and decided I needed to snap a few pictures.Some with signs in them.

The stories this place could tell! If stucco and cactus could tell tales, I mean. An understandable reaction when you see this place is similar to when you come across the gleaming white pyramid tomb of Governor Hunt, not too far from here: whaaaaaaaaaat?? Eventually, though, after you see them dozens of times over the years, they grow on you, and you stop noticing them. Then you ride by a little slower on your bicycle one day, and notice the different angles available for taking photos, and with a beginner's mind recall the essential weirdness of the wedding cake, but also its unique interest, and the memories of remembering. Get up. Go ride.


  1. Surreal.
    Reminds me of LEGOs.

  2. Aren't you one of the collective owners of the "City of Phoenix," and thus a partial property owner of this castle?

    PS: Thanks for the rain...

  3. limom I do want to visit when they reopen, to see if there is information on what the heck the architect was thinking. Also to browse the cactus garden.

    Steve, why yes, I guess I am. I am eager for them to reopen my castle. Next up for weather: sunny, hot, high pressure. Welcome to summer!


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